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Below are some of the books that Adam has authored, supported or provided chapters for.

Cambridge International AS and A Level Course Books (Harper Collins, 2018)

P1 P2P3 S1 S2 M1 FP1 FP2 FS FM

The Maths behind the Magic (Boddison, AuthorHouse, 2008)

Maths Magic

Chapter 6.2: Special Educational Needs and Inclusion, from Learning to Teach in the Primary School: 4th Edition                                        (Cremin and Burnett, Routledge, 2018)

Learning to Teach in the Primary School Great Expectations

Chapter: Developing Knowledge and Provision in SEND, from Great Expectations (Bartram, John Catt, 2018)

Home Education Handbook

Foreword: The Home Education Handbook: a comprehensive and practical guide to educating children at home.                                               (Hines and Baverstock, Piatkus, 2019)